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If you missed our announcement for the new giving campaign at trivia night, we want you to know that giving to Family Outreach Community Center has never been easier! 2019 was a very generous year for FOCC, but as great as 2019 was, our dream & prayer is that 2020 will be even greater. We know in order to accomplish this we have to continue growing in generosity. And one simple way we plan on doing that is through a new giving app called GYVE. Gyve’s entire mission is to help organizations like ours take their next steps in generosity. One unique way Gyve does this is through something called the “Round-up” feature. On every purchase you make & in whatever store you’re shopping in, you can round-up to the nearest dollar & then donate the difference to a charitable organization of your choice, in this this case Family Outreach Community Center. Please visit the app store on your mobile device & download the Gyve app. Go ahead & enter your card or bank account information & set up the recurring giving &/or the round up feature. If you typically give to FOCC by check or cash that’s OK, we still want to invite you to download the Gyve app & take  to advantage of the round-up feature with us. Finally, if you’re not giving just yet, this is a great opportunity for you to start investing financially in our mission. Thank you so very much for helping us help others.

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