We have served a total of 982 adults and 553 children in all of our programs since 2010!  That’s over 15% of the population in Henderson County!



In 2016, we served 235 families in our food pantry (460 adults and 268 children). 


As of July 2017, we have served 184 families (367 adults and 223 children) in our food pantry in 2017.


Thirty six (36) Henderson County veterans have used our services since 2010.


Since 2010, we have served:

135 Stronghurst families
123 Oquawka families
39 Biggsville families
33 Gladstone families
26 Lomax families
25 Carman families
19 Raritan families
12 Media families
7 Dallas City families
37 families from other locations


We have served 63 families with persons age 65+ in the household since 2010. 

Success Stories

Leora M.
I am Leora, a former AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Coordinator at Family Outreach Community Center. I started volunteering in June of 2011. I became a full time staff member in June of 2012. Since I started, I have become more confident in mysef, I love helping people. I have learned more about computers and improved my computer skills, helped with writing grants and fundraising. Even though I was done as an AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer in January of 2017, I now have the confidence and skills to find another line of work and be able to move on in my life. I still want to participate and help FOCC in anyway I can.

Lisa D.

I was working as a volunteer at Family Outreach Community Center while looking for a job. Alicia and her staff helped me apply for jobs and after I got the job they drove me to and from work until an FOCC donor got me a car. I'm really thankful for all of their help!

February 2015 Update: Lisa learned how to budget and paid CASH for her first van!! 

Ward Family House Build 2014

After living in a tent for over four months, Greg and Lewanna finally moved into their cozy new home on September 26th. Greg and Lewanna lost their home to a fire at the end of May 2014. Following the fire, there were various attempts made to house Greg and Lew, but none of these attempts materialized.  With winter on the horizon, Henderson County Health Department and FOCC decided to partner together to brainstorm a plan.  Pat Peterson was placed on our heart, and he took the Ward family under his wings, as he raised awareness and funds to build a simple home for them. As soon as the Ward family and their needs were told to the community, money and services began to fly in. In just over a month FOCC, One Family One Purpose, the Petersons, and Henderson County community members raised over $28,000, as well as thousands of dollars worth of donated supplies and services. The build began on September 22nd and ended only five days later on September 26th. The work site was absolutely amazing. Henderson County community members and the wonderful group from Tabor, Iowa meshed together into one of the most incredible teams anyone could ever ask for. Together they worked, perspired, joked, prayed, and even sang songs of praise. But most importantly, they all loved Greg and Lew as they deserve to be loved. In the end there are no better words than the words of Lewanna Diehl, “I got what I wanted.”


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